Selected Publications

Selected publications featuring Jan de Swart

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Design and the machine by Jan de Swart
Arts and Architecture v. 65, no 5
May 1948

Arts and Architecture v. 72, no 11
November 1955, pp.16-19
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Arts and Architecture v. 73, no 10
October 1956

Forms in Wood and Concrete
Domus no. 328
March 1957, pp. 33-34
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Studio Office
Arts and Architecture v. 75, no 12
December 1958, pp.18-19
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The Pure Research of Jan De Swart
Craft Horizons v. XVIII, no. 1
January 1958, pp.10-19
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Exploration in design Jan de Swart
Arts and Architecture v. 76, no 6
June 1959, pp.14-17
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The look of the future
The Los Angeles Examiner PICTORIAL LIVING,
Week of July 19, 1959

Jan de Swart: Explorations in Design
Zodiac 5 International Magazine of Contemporary Architecture v.5
1959, pp.148-155
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Aluminum Sculpture: A new Technique by Jan de Swart
Arts and Architecture v.77, no. 8
August 1960 pp.21-23
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More Ways With Concrete
Los Angeles Times Home Magazine
September 11, 1960

The New Work of Jan de Swart
Arts and Architecture v. 79, no 1
January 1962, pp.18-19
Aluminum castings (first series) and 2 cast bronzes
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Collaboration: Artist and Architect
Craft Horizons, v. XXII, no. 3
May/June, 1962 pp.28-41
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The Works of Jan de Swart
Japan Interior Design v.1, no.3
January 1963, p.13

Los Angeles Times Home Magazine
August 4, 1968

The wonderful world of wood in architecture
Los Angeles Times Home Magazine
June 1, 1969 pp.20-21
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A House for Celebrating
Los Angeles Times Home Magazine
August 23, 1970
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Jan de Swart and wooden curves
Designers West
March 1974
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Home Q&A: Ursula and Jan De Swart two explorers of the imagination
Los Angeles Times Home Magazine
June 11, 1978 pp.44-48
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Furniture as Art Revival
Designer West v.31, no.2
October 1984, pp.154-158
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Fresno Mall Revisited by Garrett Eckbo
Landscape Architecture
November/December 1986

De Swart pleases with poetic vision
Los Angeles Times Part VI, Art Review
December 19, 1986
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Art-full Abode Jan de Swart’s Remarkable Studio
Angeles Magazine
October 1991
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Art in Architecture
By Louis G. Redstone, FAIA 1968
Page 94 Center piece of the Fresno Mall 59ft. freestanding clock tower.

Public Art, New Directions
By Louis G. Redstone, FAIA 1981
Page 103 Main Court of the Lincoln Mall, Chicago

Blueprints for Modern Living – History and Legacy of the Case Study Houses
(The Book) published in conjunction with an exhibit by the same name.
The MIT Press, Cambridge and London
October 17, 1989 to February 18, 1990 Jan is on page 148 and 149

Fifties Style
Jan’s plastic

The Hustons by Lawrence Grobel 1989 Sections on Jan

Arts & Architecture, The Entenza Years
MIT Press 1990
design and the machine by Jan de Swart May 1948 on pages 96,97 & 244

Crafting Modernism, Midcentury American Art and Design
Museum of art and design, New York, New York, 2011
ISBN 978-0-8109-8480-6